The Mountain

A short story from Creative Writing Prompt #1

The Mountain

Marina Martinez, Guest Writer

          He travels up an icy glacier mountain trying to find the piece of him that’s missing. His heart is cold and black because everyone says he’s not capable of love. What he doesn’t understand is that this is a window frozen in time and that nothing lasts forever. 

          There’s a dark wind screaming and howling with the man so desperate; his tears run purple down his cheeks. I can feel the utter hurt in his heart and I just wish he knew that there’s someone who cares about him, maybe more than he’ll ever care about himself.

          He gets to the top of the hill. It’s blank; there’s nothing. The answer he was so desperately looking for he couldn’t find. “What’s wrong with me?” is one of the questions that’s asked by the man during the whole journey up the mountain long. “ Why am I so broken?”  “Why can’t I just transform the pain that I have into something that’s more of value and worth the wrath and risk of taking something that was once broken and making it of such beauty?” 

          He wonders why the answer isn’t at the top of this mountain. Or why it’s not in something materialistic or something to fathom. He wonders why everything he touches crumples to the ground with no more life to give. But that’s the thing, he’s looking for the answer in all the wrong places thinking that the world has it or that someone else has it. It takes two to tango, and in this case, it’s not the man and the world nor the man and the universe with all the galaxies and the moon and stars. It’s within him and his heart.

          The answer to his broken shell, the answer as to why he can’t love, or why he thinks that he causes damage that’s already been there way before he laid eyes on the things he thinks matter the most – it’s all within him. He throws himself to the ground, and the earth seeps up all the hurt, all the pain, and the purple tear that was dripping from his face is no more. Because this man now realizes that all he needs is to have peace in his heart. That love for himself.