Blog #1: Rainy Days

Blog #1: Rainy Days

Emma Garcia, Blogger

Have you ever thought about how life will treat you after high school? Cause I for sure have. To me it almost feels like rain – I get both a good and bad feeling about it. When things go bad in life I start to think about a really bad rainstorm that you don’t know when it’s going to end. But when things start to go right, it feels like a nice light rain on a gloomy cloudy day, while sipping hot tea while watching a movie. Rain usually has a good feeling to it, but you know somewhere out there it can’t be good for certain parts of society or the world, just like when things start to go downhill.

When you think about something too much you start to overthink about it. Everyone has good days and bad days. Although those good days can turn bad as easily as those bad days can turn good. Whenever I have a good day my mind starts to go places. Good places. When I have a bad day my mind starts to flood with thoughts, like a wash gets flooded when a bad storm hits. It gets hard to handle and I start to feel overwhelmed and frustrated and I begin to overthink everything I ever knew, well thought I knew.

When it’s a good day everything is completely different. Everything is calm and peaceful. Like a soft light rain on a Friday afternoon, a time when you can relax and not have to worry about anything. You can just put your headphones in and lay on your bed and relax or you can read a book, maybe go for a walk. Just anything you find relaxing, because at the end of the day, everything will get better and start to fall into place, even if it’s a bad day.

I think the highest chance people will have to being able to have a clear mindset and a clear head is very low, not meaning it in a bad way, but if I’m being 100% completely honest, what person has a clear head 24/7? We all have way too many personal problems, not to mention the problems going on in the world. There is no person perfect enough to fit that category of life without having to worry about something in the midst of it all. Every problem that life has to throw at you has its ups and downs but you will always come out of it beautifully. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the rain.