I Wish I Was Eight Again


Kate Arancon, Poet

I was eight when I remember the time 
I couldn't wait to turn ten.
The two digits, 
when you started to like boys,
wondering if they'll pass the note back you gave them, 
hanging out with middle schoolers,
and when I turned ten I couldn't wait to be thirteen.
For puberty to start, 
thinking I would be much more cooler since 
I'll be a teen,
having more friends, 
allowed to go to sleepovers.

Then I remember being thirteen wishing I was 
much more mature, more opportunities, 
I could drive, have a boyfriend, 
and sneak out.
At sixteen I couldn't wait to be eighteen,
basically an adult, 
I could do anything I want.
Live on my own, 
and choose how to live my life without anyone telling me to.

Now I'm eighteen, 
living the life my ten-year-old self
 was dreaming of being,
and what my sixteen-year-old self thought
 was the best thing that could happen. 
Being on this stage of my life made me realize one thing -
I wish I was eight again.