Maiah Tamayo, Artist

This silhouette I always sat next to.

This silhouette I always shared with.

This silhouette I grew up with eventually became a burden.

Every time I looked at it it brought me sadness and frustration, despite it near never leaving my side.

I just wanted it to go away.

I’ve yelled, screamed, and cried for it to leave me alone.

I’ve done it so much that I didn’t realize who I was yelling at.

This silhouette has been with me from the very start.

This silhouette knows me inside and out.

Why am I yelling at it?

I finally opened my eyes and all I saw was a mirror.

“I don’t understand.” I thought.

”Where did it go?” I asked.

Something I wished then was something I know now, but I regret for never getting to know it.

My silhouette will never be understood by many, hell even I’m included, but I’m happy that I get to finally hold its hand.

My silhouette helped me look at a mirror differently.

My silhouette knows me inside and out.

My silhouette will forever be a part of me.