All the Things I Never Said


Donna Chinchillas, Contributor

Three years ago I was in love, 

We started as best friends but the love we had didn’t want to hide

Three years ago we were together,

I miss your hugs, the ones that kept me warm on a chilly night 


Three years ago you loved me,

Time wasn’t enough when I was in your arms

Three years ago you were humble,

I never thought money could change you, I guess I was wrong

Three years ago you met my dad,

I never thought you would be the last guy to be in the presence of his eyes


I still miss you,

Every single “que dios nos bendiga” we said at night

I still miss you,

Every date we had to catch up with each other’s lives

I still miss you,

Every baseball game still reminds me of you

I still miss you,

When you would gaze at my eyes and call me “mi chinita hermosa”


I still love you,

“Aun te sigo amando” words that stutter in my mouth when I see you

I still love you,

All my family misses you

I still love you,

Your smile, your eyes, and every single thing you had

I still love you, all the promises we had 

I still have one more thing to say and that would be…