NCAA Bracket Men and Women’s Challenge

Pick the Winners and Beat All of Ajo!

Ajo Staff

Click on the links below and pick the winners for both the women’s and men’s NCAA March Madness brackets. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about basketball…just do it for fun! (Top scorers, and anyone who beats Mr. Sain, will win food prizes from room 4!) You’ll need to use your phone or do the bracket from home; you’ll also need to sign up on ESPN. But, it will be worth it! Here are a few tips to know:

  1. The lower the number the better chances the team has of winning.
  2. Higher numbers will definitely win some games, but be choosy in picking them.
  3. And remember, this tournament plays out randomly. Nobody, not even the experts, pick all the games correctly.


NCAA Women’s Basketball Bracket Link

NCAA Men’s Basketball Bracket Link