Short Film: On the Day the World Ends

Short Film: On the Day the World Ends

Advanced ELA Students, Guest Contributors

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On the Day the World Ends

This is a short film made as an English class project, based on the poem “A Song on the End of the World” by Czeslaw Milosz. Group members: Eden Carroccino, Andy Hammett, Crimzyn Leonard, and Morgan Olsen.

Students organized themselves into small groups to produce their films, beginning the process by writing a hypothetical additional stanza for the poem mentioned above, which they were able to come up with through a collaboration of their own individual ideas. Below, read the stanza created by this film’s group:

Extra Stanza

On the day the world ends,

Bacon sizzles in a frying pan on the stove,

A wife brews coffee as her husband leaves for work,

Dogs play in the grass of a neighborhood park,

And an afternoon breeze weaves through the chains of playground swings.

Silence lingers around a tense dinner table,

And a window glows with warmth in the cold night air,

Concealing the hostility of the argument within.