A look ahead to the year 2081 through the eyes of Renaissance senior Ariana Rendon.

Ariana Rendon, Writer

I open my eyes, but I don’t see much. I see buildings with shattered roofs and cracks along each wall. Each crack connects with one another, guiding its way to the nearest exits. They run through the ruined tiles of the ceramic floor, tile after tile. Each shelf had been knocked over for years, collecting so much dust. When I step outside, it isn’t so lovely, but yet, it is so peaceful. No busy streets, no yelling and hollering, only peace and quiet. When you look up into the sky, you don’t see it as pretty as it used to be. You see it gray and ugly now. It’s usually cloudy as well. Ever see daytime with no light? That’s how it always is for me. 

I would say the most beautiful time is at night. Every single star shines above your head. I go and stay on my rooftop for hours watching the stars blink; it never gets old. I end the night how others have, staring at a blank ceiling with a mind full of thoughts – thoughts of the better life I have always dreamed of. Suddenly, I’m dozing, dreaming of what could have been. I awake in morning – no birds, no sounds. Just an empty street. I start the day like no other. Wander around, see what unique things I can find. What will my meals end up like today? I picture myself years ago, never pondering how I will be able to have my first meal and how I am going to cook it. Years ago, I never thought for a second that the sky would be like a cold soul. But that was years ago.